Quality control

The certificate for the food safety system ISO 22200: 2007 was received in 2018. This document confirms that the company complies with the law, guarantees the safety of its products and demonstrates a high level of organization of the technological process and responsibility to the consumer.
We constantly pass quality audits, conduct tests of finished products in certified laboratories, demandingly organize our own multi-level quality control.
We work with suppliers of raw materials and materials that provide quality certificates, and the quality of manufactured products is confirmed by quality certificates.
We take care of the quality of finished products at all stages of production, from discussing with the customer its future characteristics and ending with loading into the vehicle, which will deliver the packaging to its destination.

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Input materials

Quality specialists check the raw materials and everything necessary for the production process, control the compliance of their characteristics with the accompanying documents and analyze what materials are needed for a particular order.
The technologists make sure that only high-quality inks, varnishes, and adhesives that have been pre-tested on certain types of materials and the necessary laboratory tests are used for printing and lamination. At the same time, technologists take into account whether their characteristics meet the requirements for the manufacture of specific types of packaging (according to customer requirements).
At the same time, the employees of the security team constantly make sure that the storage conditions of photopolymer molds meet certain standards, and in the technological premises, where materials and finished products are placed, there is always a microclimate with constant temperature parameters and appropriate lighting and humidity.

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Printing, lamination, cutting, rewinding

We take into account the accuracy of color matching, image clarity, compliance with color samples, uniformity of adhesive application, tightness of the layers of material, reliability of bonding, size compliance, winding direction, inner and outer diameter of the rolls.

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Final product

All characteristics of the finished product are subject to careful verification, especially in view of compliance with the requirements, wishes, and needs of the customer. At the same time, we take into account the regulatory requirements for the quality of this type of product and the parameters necessary for trouble-free further packaging. We provide quality certificates for all manufactured products.

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Packing and shipping

The specialists of the raw materials and materials preparation department make sure that the packaging meets the technical requirements, that the necessary labeling is present, that the packaging corresponds to the type of finished product, its transport conditions and provides protection against mechanical damage and external influences during delivery to destination.

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